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About Us

Hello, my name is Vladimir Isakov, I’m very pleased you found time to visit my site.

I love animals and everything connected with them! So, I am very fond of cats and dogs.

I’m a FIFe ALL Breed Judge. It is a very exciting experience for me. I like to travel, meet new people and countries, and see their culture. I do really like «Cats-People»!!!

Animals have been in my house since my childhood that has played a considerable part in choosing the future profession. In 2002 I graduated from Vitebsk veterinary academy with specialization of doctor of vet medicine.

The first kitten with the pedigree I got in 1995. Year later I decided to start breeding professionally the Persian and Exotic cats and by 1997 my cattery "Svetskaya Zabava*BY" was registered in FIFe and what is more the 1st kittens were born that year.

"Svetskaya Zabava*BY" – is a small cattery, therefore all cats are in contact with people and never kept in cages!

The priority in breeding is given to the cats with tabby mark, but other colours are not the exception. As the basis of breeding we use PRD-tested animals and "blood" of breeders from the catteries: : Kis' Herbas, Lelija, Nostri Vincent, Star Wars, Desmin, Ydem, Profecii's, Diapason's…

In 2012 was the anniversary of "Svetskaya Zabava*BY", it is 15 years of age. I’d like to say many thanks to all my friends, who all these years were near by, these are: Elena Samusenko, Larisa Myshkovets, Elena Kurzina, Victoria Lis, Alla Aleksandrova, Dmitry Drozd!!!

Thank you for your support!!!

15 years…that is a lot or is insufficient, I don’t know, however, we have achieved a lot for this period. The cats of the cattery always take part at the FIFe cat-shows both in Belarus and other countries, showing the excellent results! The cats from my cattery "Svetskaya Zabava*BY" were the first in Belarus who have won such titles FIFe, as a NW, JW, DSM, DM, SC...

All the kittens that were bred in the cattery "Svetskaya Zabava*BY" are offered to the new owners at the age not younger then 12 weeks with the conclusion of a contract!


I’m very glad you have visited my site! If you like my cats and you would like to know more in details, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Take pleasure of visiting my site and come back again!

See you soon!

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